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Distance in metres east of National Grid origin.
Data about "easting"
Distance in metres east of National Grid origin.The National Grid, a traditional horizontal coordinate system, which consists of: a traditional geodetic datum (see section 3.2) using the Airy ellipsoid; a TRF called OSGB36® (Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936) which was observed by theodolite triangulation of trig pillars; and a Transverse Mercator map projection (see section 7 below), allowing the use of easting and northing coordinates. This coordinate system is important because it is used to describe the horizontal positions of features on British maps. However, its historical origins and observation methods are not of interest to most users and will be skipped over in this booklet. National Grid coordinates are nowadays determined by GPS plus a transformation rather than theodolite triangulation.
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"easting" is defined in the Spatial Relations ontology.
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