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0-11711 is an Abstract Geometry.
Core facts about "0-11711"
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<gml:Polygon><gml:outerBoundaryIs><gml:LinearRing><gml:coordinates>357099.6030999999,1040885.199299999 357094.7963,1040889.198199999 357095.9011,1040907.602899999 357103.8988,1040923.498299999 357103.1979999999,1040932.595699999 357108.5985,1040936.8045 357115.5986,1040936.4046 357117.6021,1040933.4955 357112.1025999999,1040911.201899999 357112.8034999999,1040903.903999999 357111.4017999999,1040899.895099999 357106.8010999999,1040888.798299999 357099.6030999999,1040885.199299999</gml:coordinates></gml:LinearRing></gml:outerBoundaryIs></gml:Polygon>

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